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About Me

Professional Career

Christopher Braun IT-Solutions, founder

October 2019 until now
In the form of a student sole proprietorship I offer extensive services in the EDP and IT sector. These range from support in the digitalisation of your company to process analyses and the administration of your systems. Furthermore, I develop individual software that is tailored to your wishes and requirements.

T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o., internship

July 2019 to September 2019
As part of Deutsche Telekom's international training program, I was given the opportunity to spend several weeks in another foreign subsidiary. I took the opportunity and worked for T-Systems Slovakia s.r.o. in an agile development team. There I helped design an incident dashboard for senior management and presented the developed features to them.

Deutsche Telekom AG, dual student

September 2017 until now
Immediately after graduating from high school, I took up a position as a dual student at Deutsche Telekom AG. The combination of theory at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences and practical work at Telekom IT GmbH convinced me and offers the perfect environment for building up know-how. I initially worked in SAP Application Design in billing and accounting for the mass market. Then I switched to Business Partner Management for a new perspective.

Academic Career

h_da, Berufungskommission

October 2019 until now
As a student representative, I am a member of the Appointments Committee of the Faculty of Computer Science at the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences. This commission makes personnel decisions regarding the allocation of positions to professors and lecturers in the faculty. As a student representative, I stand up for the interests of the students and try to implement the best personnel solution for the students.

h_da, KoSI

September 2017 bis heute
In addition to the company assignment at Telekom IT GmbH, the dual study program includes a theoretical part. This consists of a cooperative bachelor's program in computer science at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences.
You can find my current performance certificate including all modules taken here (German version).
Current grade: 1.1

Hanns Seidel Secondary School, Hösbach

September 2009 to June 2017
I attended the Bavarian Hanns Seidel Secondary School in Hösbach. After passing through eight grades (G8), I received my general university entrance qualification there. In addition to Latin as a second foreign language, I also chose the scientific-technological branch, so that I could develop an early affinity with technical topics.
You can find my certificate of general higher education entrance qualification, including all subjects taken, here.
Achieved overall grade: 1.0


General higher education entrance qualification (Grade: 1.0)
SAP ABAP-Foundations (BC400)
SCRUM Basics


German (native speaker)
English (fluent, B1+)
Spanish (basic knowledge)


Honorary arbitrator (since 2014)
Strength and endurance sports (since 2016)


Hourly rate

Of course, I only charge you for the time I spend for you as a customer. This only includes the actual provision of services without administrative expenses and travel times. The administrative expenses are already included in the composition of the hourly rate mentioned below and journeys are compensated by the reimbursement of travel costs. In principle, the following hourly rate is applied:

60.00€ (excl. taxes)
(§ 19 UStG is applied)

Travel costs

For appointments at your location, travel costs for the journey and departure will be charged. These vary depending on the type of arrival and the availability of the means of transport. In addition, a combination of several means of travel is also possible. In principle, the following remuneration rates apply:

0.30€/km (by car)
Train ticket 2nd class

Further information

Of course, there are also some forms of (longer-term) cooperation that do not fit into the basic billing scheme. For this purpose I offer you the possibility of an individual offer that meets the expectations of both sides. Please contact me for an

individual offer.